Men’s Band Clergy Cincture White with Gold Trim


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Band cinctures add a finishing touch to any cassock ensemble. This Band Cincture is tailored for men .
  • Tailored in non-yellowing white viva
  • Each drop panel features white-gold metallic trim and white rayon chainette fringe
  • Four inches wide
  • Closes with Velcro for adjustability
  • Coordinates perfectly with H-187 Cassock
  • Stocked in even sizes 34-52
  • Band Cinctures are worn frequently over street clothing, including pants and a belt, as well as over a clergy cassock. Therefore it is very important to add extra inches beyond a normal “belt” size, which would be too small. To measure for a Band Cincture, wrap a tape measure around the stomach where the cincture will be worn, over street clothing. Add 4″ to this measurement to allow for cassock thickness and comfort
  • Please select size from the drop down box.  Ships in about 2-3 business days.