Pulpit Clergy Robe Bishop with Black Trim




  • This beautiful clergy robe for pastors offers
  • Tailored in striking silver Damascene for both conservative and contemporary tastes.
  • Hand-sewn black Velvet panels
  • Embroidered silver metallic Latin Crosses
  • Black corded piping edges panels and crisp front pleats
  • Construction details include:
    • Lined belled sleeves with deep cuffs
    • Generously cut body with balanced machine fluting over shoulders and across back
    • Right pocket slit
    • Available in the following sizes.  Please select size code above.  Ships in about 2-3 business days.
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Murphy Robes
Product Name
Pulpit Clergy Robe Brocade Bishop with Black Trim

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HM504, HM507, HM510, HM513, HM516, HM519, HM522, HM525, HM528, HM531, HM534, HM537, HM540, HM543, HM546, HM549, HM552, HM555, HM558