Men’s Black Pulpit Robe Black Velvet Panels



This carefully crafted clergy robe is a timeless beauty.
    • Tailored in wrinkle resistant black Wonder Crepe
    • “Closed” black Velvet panels
    • In stock in 70 different sizes to fit men with chest measurements from 37″ to 57″, height measurements from 5’6″ to 6’4″, and shirt sleeve lengths 32″-36″
    • Construction details include
      • Balanced machine fluting over shoulders and across back for controlled fullness
      • Lined belled sleeves with deep cuffs
      • Right pocket slit
      • Separating front zipper closure with lifetime guarantee
      • Please select chest size from the drop down box.  Then, add the required dimensions in the spaces provided.  Ships in about 2-3 business days.
clergy robe size chart

Additional information

Robe Size Code

HM504, HM507, HM510, HM513, HM516, HM519, HM522, HM525, HM528, HM531, HM534, HM537, HM540, HM543, HM546, HM549, HM552, HM555, HM558