Roman Chasuble


Classic fiddle back chasuble complete with matching stole, maniple, chalice veil and burse. Available in four liturgical colors with our own jacquard fabric and richly embroidered velvet banding finished with gold trim and matching fringe. Set includes a chasuble, under stole, maniple, chalice veil and burse. 

IHS is an ancient monogram formed from the first three letters —Iota, Eta and Sigma—of the Greek word for Jesus: IHSOUS. The letters also represent the phrase Iesous Hominum Salvator: Jesus, savior of man. 

Available in Green, White, Red and Purple. Specify color when ordering.


Material: Lined Polyester Jacquard, 200D x 300D, 62*29, 235 gsm, gold pattern orphrey with I H S gold embroidery

Size: Chasuble: 25″ W x 40″ L

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only

Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Roman Chasuble Sets