Two Tone Church Reliquary with Crucifix


FTwo Tone Church Reliquary with Crucifix

Since 1927, Sudbury Brass™ has been a leader in church appointments and brassware and is renowned for producing the highest quality products using old world artistry combined with new and innovative designs.

Reliquary is designed to contain the relics of the Saints or other sacred objects. Relics can be parts of the bodies of the Saints, something they used or objects that have been touched by their bodies. Scripture attests to the healing power of objects touched by Jesus or His apostles.

This Crucifix Reliquary is made of solid brass to meet high standards and features crucifix design. Careful attention was given to every detail of fit and finish to ensure years of use. Please note that a reliquary is not equipped with a luna.



Usually ships in 2-3 business days

Material: Brass

Size: 7-1/2″W x 10-3/4″H, 1-1/2″ Dia Openings